My favourite Autumn wax melts and tea pairings

I’ve always been one to pair certain wax melt scents with the seasons or with the weather that day/evening. During the fall, I prefer more cozy scents with vanilla, cream, and slightly woodsy aromas to them, with some exceptions of course. I’m not going to lie, I do get the majority of my melts at my local Walmart, because they are one of the few stores in my area that sells them and I also like to smell the scents to make sure I like them before buying them. When the weather is clear during the day, the Sugared Lavender scent is one of my favourite ones, hands down. It has a pleasant aroma that pairs well whenever I brew a cup of chamomile or lavender tea as well, making enjoying the tea a bit more pleasant of an experience.

During a cool autumn evening, there’s two that I personally think pair well with the weather and the evening atmosphere. When the weather is clear with a light breeze, I enjoy the Simple Romance scent. The scent profile is woodsy vanilla. The vanilla isn’t overpowering how some scents can be, it’s more on the mild side, and the woodsy scent isn’t an overpowering scent either. Most of the ones I’ve tried in the past that have a wood scent in them are very strong and can be very overpowering. Simple Romance pairs very well with a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea, or maple ginger tea. It’s a cozy one to have linger in the air before bed as well, I find it makes falling asleep more enjoyable. The other one I like to put on in the evening is whenever it’s raining outside, anywhere from a light drizzle to a thunderstorm. It’s called Stormy Autumn Nights, and it definitely is fitting for a stormy, dreary evening. It’s a bit difficult to completely describe the scent on this one, but I’ll try my best. There’s subtle floral tones in the background, with the main scent being more of the smell that nature has after rain. This is one that makes it perfect to snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea, and either read a book or find something to watch on your favourite streaming service. I really enjoy Celestial’s Sleepytime tea with this, the mint that’s in the tea is pairs nicely with the wax warmer on while watching a good show on Netflix. I hope you enjoyed this post! Every season I will be posting a list of my favorite scents along with either tea pairings or drink pairings depending on the season. I’m also just starting on my blog journey, so stay tuned for upcoming posts dealing with anything from cute outfits, the occasional photography, and more! Thank you for reading.

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