The joys of early spring

Hello all! It has been quite a while since my last post. I’ll be back to trying to blog my random thoughts hopefully consistently, anywhere from nature to tea, or to technology. Without further ado, let’s start my blogging journey.

Ah springtime is upon us yet again. Late winter to early spring is my second favorite time of the year, all of fall being my first. One thing I’ve always loved about spring is the changing weather up here in Northeastern North America. The slowly rising temperatures, the cool breezes, and the mild fall feeling early into spring is very lovely to me. Seeing flowers and trees start to bloom, trees starting to bud with leaves creeping back into this world, and birds migrating back to the area is a refreshing change after winter comes to an end.

Now since I’m a pretty enthusiastic tea and coffee drinker and like to drink flavors of each that I feel go well with whatever season is upon us. Spring makes me pull out flavours such as mango green teas, raspberry black tea (especially iced raspberry tea), and a lavender lemon herbal tea. For coffee, my main go to is a simple French vanilla coffee that I enjoy all year round, but other ones I add to my rotation include a red velvet coffee and strawberry cheesecake coffee from the company Bones Coffee (not a sponsor, I just really like their coffee), and Starbucks Veranda blend (not a sponsor either).

So, if you’re like myself and have a habit of pairing different drinks with each season, feel free to comment on which ones and maybe I’ll give them a try. Thank you for reading, and I wish all of you a lovely rest of your day.

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