Keeping that childlike wonder of the world.

If there’s one thing I’ve tried to do as I get older, it’s to still try and keep a bit of that wonder about certain things I had as a child. It’s something I lost touch with in my teen years and very early 20s, but now that I’m entering into my late 20s I’ve found life is just a bit more enjoyable by approaching certain things with wonder.

A lot of the time during nice weather, I like to take just a quick break from things and sit outside on my picnic table. I marvel at the birds flying around and singing, imagining what it may be like to be one. I watch caterpillars just mosey around on their merry way, oblivious to my existence. I pay attention to the gentle breeze against my skin and how it ruffles my hair.

Evenings and nighttime have to be my favorite time of the day to spend outside. Watching the sunset that paints the sky different each evening. Once nighttime sets in, the sound of the evening crickets start as they chirp away. Moths flutter around lamps, and the occasional bat swoops by attempting to get it’s next meal.

Gazing up at the starry night sky is… breathtaking to say the least. Looking anywhere from thousands to millions of years into the past depending on where you look at in the sky is truly a humbling thing. It always fills me with such awe, such curiosity, and brings out that wonder I had as a young child.

Everyone has that childlike wonder left in them. Taking a break from the usual routine of life and looking at the small things really helps bring it out. Thank you everyone for reading, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day.

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